About InVision

Committed company

Our team at InVision Glass Design has two simple rules we believe in:

  1. Provide quality products
  2. Outstanding service

Whether the project is large or small our commitment to our customer is the same: deliver high quality product in a timely manner.

Who we work with

InVision Glass Design works with a wide range of clients including in corporate communities, educational institutions, healthcare providers and hospitality and entertainment studios. Whether your project calls for one simple glass marker board, back painted glass to your multi-level elevator lobby, or communication board solutions to your commercial building environment, we can help design, fabricate and install the right decorative glass to complete your vision.

Who we are

InVision Glass Design was started with a creative heart and extensive knowledge of the glass industry. InVision Glass started 14 years ago but has roots in the glass industry going back three generations! We offer customized glass on every level and will help from conception to installation. We appreciate a challenge and can help you with the process. InVision Glass Design leads the market with their installation abilities and growing portfolio of products.